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Momus Analytics




Current jury selection methods are archaic. The current level of understanding has not changed much. The knowledge has simply been passed down from generation to generation of trial lawyer. Until now there has not been a scientific method to analyze jurors. The trial lawyer myth is that through or because of our performance, we can impact the result of a jury’s decision. 

Jury selection is not about getting them to like you, trust you, connect with you, or build a rapport with you. It is simply not about you.

Jury selection is about understanding group dynamics. It’s about understanding how a group of people who have never met are thrown together to listen to a set of contradictory facts and arrive at a consensus about who is responsible for the outcome

Trial lawyer folklore has indoctrinated us to believe that we can manipulate and shape the results of a jury verdict by our performance. This is an inaccurate assumption that is not based on any scientific principles.

Understanding group decision making requires an analysis of a complex set of individual preferences and drivers for each potential juror, and combining all those factors to determine which particular group gives you the best chances of success. This analysis is essential for making judgement decisions in selecting jurors. The software’s core function uses a scientific method to predict how each individual juror will impact the decision making process of the group. The only way to scientifically predict an outcome is to analyze how groups decide on issues.

Momus Analytics is a complete and comprehensive jury selection tool. It’s scientific methodology rates and ranks each juror and allows you to see who are the best to worst jurors for your case. It conducts analyses on a multitude of data points for each potential juror and provides an objective rating to maximize your odds of achieving the best outcome possible for your client.