Security Update: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication is required starting April 1, 2022. MFA helps safeguard your MOMUS accounts by requiring users to prove their identity with multiple factors. When logging in, users will use a combination of their username and password along with a second verification method of their choice: Email Authenticator App SMS Email This will appear as […]

Live Chat Support

We have introduced an in-app support feature where you can chat with us in real-time for technical support, without having to leave the software. You’ll find the Support/Chat button on the bottom left-hand corner of the page. When the widget displays the “Chat” bubble that means that one of our agents is online to chat […]

2021 New Billing Features

We are extremely excited to announce the release of a completely redesigned Firm Management module. The new features that have been added to this module make it easier for Firm Admins to manage users, add licenses and track billing. LICENSES TAB The “Licenses” tab has been added to replace the “Manage Licenses” button and will […]

Virtual Focus Group

Virtual focus groups are on the rise. The need to go virtual across the legal community has been trending the past few months due to the Pandemic from depositions to mediations, and now with our very own new feature. Momus Analytics is now offering Virtual Focus Groups. Our team has already hosted multiple virtual focus […]

Voir Dire – Plaintiff & Defense Bias

In developing this Voir Dire feature, we have separated the Tracking functionality from the Scoring functionality. The functionality for tracking jurors that have answered Voir Dire questions remains the same. Clicking on the grey bubble on the juror tile will add a checkmark to the bubble and indicate that the juror has answered the question […]

Multiple Juror Groups

The Multiple Juror Groups feature allows you to add multiple juror groups and create multiple seating charts. This feature will also allow you to run Voir Dire for each juror group using distinct seating charts as needed. You will also be able to move jurors from one group to another and combine groups for final […]

June New Features

We have significant launches heading your way that will enhance the way that users interact with Momus. Read on to learn what you can expect to see in the coming weeks. USER LICENSING Firm Admins can use this licensing feature to manage the number of user licenses for their firm and add or remove licenses […]

New Configure Voir Dire

We have redesigned the way that users can build their outline of questions to make it easier and more efficient. The new redesign allows users to copy Voir Dire outlines from previous cases, which allows users to build their outline faster than ever. To setup Voir Dire, navigate to the Configure Voir Dire section in […]

Momus Analytics Named in The National Law Journal’s 2020 List of Emerging Legal Technologies

CORAL GABLES, FL, February 2020 – Momus Analytics, a comprehensive jury selection analytics software, has been recognized by The National Law Journal as a 2020 Emerging Legal Technology. The software notably uses a scientific methodology and data analytics to provide insight into how each potential juror will impact the decision-making process of the group. Momus […]

January New Features & Enhancements

We have made exciting updates to a few features that you will now see live in Momus Analytics. These updates will help you navigate more efficiently throughout the system. Learn about what new enhancements are available to you. RANDOM JURY MODE There’s a new ‘Random Jury Selection’ method that is becoming popular amongst several judges […]