Maximize Efficiency through Team Based Collaboration

Jury selection is a team sport that requires alignment and coordination before and throughout the process. With Momus Analytics, you can assign multiple users with different roles and permissions to each case, ensuring the right information gets to the right people at the right time. Through an organized approach to jury selection, your team can remain synchronized and ultimately make more strategic decisions in trial.

Take Complete Control of the Jury Selection Process

Our all-in-one tool provides a complete suite of managerial features that allows you to fluidly steer through each phase of jury selection. From initial juror screening, seating charts, Voir Dire, all the way to the striking process, everything you need is readily accessible and easily updated from one centralized place.

Make Real Time Decisions Based on Data Insights

Our proprietary scoring algorithm and analytics engine constantly analyzes and adjusts scoring of potential jurors through all the stages of the jury selection process to provide you with the greatest opportunity to maximize your winning potential.

The software does not use race, sex, age, religion, or country of origin as a factor to determine a juror’s rating.